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would cut the military yet not the entitlements so that y self contained aquariums self contained aquariums ou can old, frail people today on Medicare. They have compassion on her fellow Americans. He believes you have to be WEANED off the system, not go cold turkey. troof, he's an effective guy good guys do not get elected in the USAnd should the Chinese and split theSo whatever we have everything we need right hereUsaBoy. In-co-fucking-rectI like that old people and boomers get to keep the gold plated My generation gets to pay extra for it but then we get some dumb fucking voucher or along with this nothing Love Americawelcome so that you can Demographicszactly... winning political races concerns knowing the demographics of the voting populace... All of us are effectively indentured servants to the aged... Politics = Demographics... inside of a Democracy. This is fine but next tea leaf party boomer gets punched while in the face.

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MYL on NYSE an excellent stock great rate here is an organisation at a valid value to industry bunch a the latest price level and turn into patient and you will be rewaeded......... What would you feel abt MYL attaining KG? Looks including the market doesn't just like the deal at all of, MYL is listed below now. Unfortunately the marketplace is bi-polar The market causes no sense at the moment.... Me personnally I feel the merger gives MYL powerful sales team and many more options in a tough field. The sell off is going to be followed by institutions gobbling shares with a rediculous discount around - before showing back.. Buy very low sell high, regrettably many investors really don't follow the tip. MYL is powerful company that will rebound made by this and the persistent investor will reap the rewards....

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howdy IHML_string bean levine? Part-time unique assistant, for a working man casual homey pleasant legit -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Answer: job-***@ (forwards to the @ address) Particular date: --,: PM It's not necessary to be looking for a full time job or be in between jobs. Im posting this ad for my super cool buddy. He needs a significant part time personal assistant that will help him at property. Not live in without high profile, not that they isnt loaded its just he doesnt take up residence that life. Hes a nice guy who Ive known for several years. Hes an exceptionally nice guy, sensible and funny as hell. Just you can sell organic an idea of him additional hes somewhere throughout his late 's, owns his provider, drinks moderately, buds sometimes, and is certainly recently divorced. His y/o boy stays overnight some days each week. A the divorce that bums him away, but they couldnt cause it to be work in the long run of really attempting. Otherwise, hes a real normal casual guy. Jeans and billiards. Hes starting so far a little so he is required to stay a little bit more orderly than prior to when (not that hes everything messy, but you know) The duty as I find out figure it nightmare need somebody exactly who lives very all over Long Beach who are able to stop by for several hours about days weekly. Evenings are preferred but Im possibly not sure. Total hours shall be around or moreweek maybe more but certainly not much less. It is my opinion a female is for the best, but I dont think he cares direction. Just take over at home and please don't make him decide particular light bulbs and / or dish soap he / she prefers. The duties include seeking out groceries, cleaning a handful of loads of washing, getting his bit of apartment spiffy. Just find somebody that will cook a few meals a week and knows something about therapeutic massage, Ill make sure person gets interviewed 1st. Plus, hell pay more hourly because he spends excess amount at the in addition to restaurants. So, i'm talking about why the hourly range is tremendous, between $ and $ hourly. So, send a strong, your contact material, maybe a and references yet not necessary for currently. This is my project, so Ill overview and screen job seekers before he really does unless he settles to (all within the sudden) get included. Anyway, this ought to do it. Hes a good guy, funny, successful and my cousin says good on the lookout. Hmm. Id better keep my eye on her behalf!

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Droid A or why don't T-Mobile own any cool phones thus can waste our money more????? I bought any HTC HD Opted in for Sprint EVO Not to mention. Yes, I have got a contract with just about all service providersBuy HTC stockpsycho! require your meds doodIf you wait, maybe T-Mobile Short will have that merger and you'll then choose from more phones and now have G/LTE/superfastinternetthingy. You is likely to be waiting a even though though. they could cancel customers utilizing bad credit tmobiles credit principles are higher It is my opinion than sprint but will cancel customers using bad credit prefer american express has long been doingdamn germans! bucks M lottery victor owes $K support hasnt paid in years i climbs up to $K on a monthly basis now! a DominicanNiggers. I wonder what amount of state, local and government taxpayers were over the hook for all of these years. Surely we have been supporting all this baby mamas this approach entire time. No I say, let he go broke for example.

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anyone gone along to Luquillo, lately? some friends are renting your dream ho floral garden jordans floral garden jordans use. I've been at this time there before but opt to be nearer San. Maybe I'll rent a motorized vehicle or bring a bikewhy might you go to after you could go to an area sleazy whorehouse actually need to run neighborhood more quickly and find the exact same things in a new safer environment? Just for real. Just stab yourself at your house afterthat's PR are usually such a a sense of shame. so much elegance there, but the individuals have ruined it therefore just sucks. I'm not disappearing under my bed familiar, pussy! send your mother to work out who is for the doorYour posts really are consistently stupidat very least I've got consistency taking me you dash and pussies in which are afraid to clearly show your handlesyou're afraid to utilise your real brand "guitarsmasher" is nearly as. but the place i'm emphasizing is usually the humongous stupidity. you can be invariably stupid, just vital demonstrating once once more now in working to put forth taking that approach that you're only a "dash. inches.

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Point in time for R+? I have never been an important supporter of R+ however the trolling in the following has gotten uncontrollably. If you check out forum at leasthalf of the posts will be done by anons and many are just that will cause trouble. Thus i think it's time frame for another election for R+. Voting with points is among the most best way consequently people can vote just once. Make + certainly and - virtually no and feel liberal to add comments in your response. Yes. Given that green handles protect against trolling. No, because green will let you see which posters are fucking worthless- for sudanlist food scare sudanlist food scare instance yourself. It also gives a clearer of what number trolls there are usually. You suck. Fine language, sugarlips. Most certainly. U VILE TROLL THAT YOU'RE POSTING IN!! Hardly any shit. Why would I post this particular in green so I could possibly be next troll objective. I didn't say that many anon was your troll but I'd sat it's the majority. % of that time period I post through green and don't have any problem doing it % of the time. Don't be so much a fucking the baby who cares around trolls? green up bitch. I prefer to not be your target And you will want to practice what everyone preach?

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I'm Crankie Tonight Regarding DTV I'm down; the new antenna needs to be mounted "high". What's 'high'? Should I place it near a on on the middle of the windowless retaining wall? ed Best Buy - they have been appointed b affordable golf gifts affordable golf gifts y the government to provide free in-home transition support. I think that's most generous from Best Buy. I got an appointment: ten days hence. I'll be radioing until Independence Day I guess. I just read the Forum TELEVISION. Many comments from viewers around the country. Lots of negative results even after the converter carton, the new antenna and sometimes, even after a new tv. Which is the reason I need BB industry professionals. Mounting the antenna (not like old days of just put it on a table top) will cause holes and potentially total new portray and repairing if a lot of attempts are developed. Am also really limited to the cable length of the coaxial cable regarding where the tv additionally, the antenna will go. I am some creature of habit - don't like all this fresh fangled technology and more wires than AT ANY TIME! All black wires/cables from that. My walls are white, NOT BLACK! I have to maneuver the rosewood to get to the wall wall socket. Moving the rosewood requires hours and So i'm afterward. Why not just wireless tvs through beautiful dtv response? My 's Magnavox weighs pounds and has no handle. Who wants to take it away and so i can buy some sort of ten pound light and portable? All these adjustments! I tried a number of antennas.... and actually built one myself. But this indoor antenna worked best for me. It is by TERK. It all depends upon where you live... I agree, the antenna situation is going to cause upset.... because you need line of sight towards the broadcaster. I purchased a bowtie channelmaster as well as stuck it before I was satisfied. I had any "Philips Sensor" equivalent of that Terk and it was % ok -- but even that will % was overly frickin annoying. Next step was gonna end up being to chimney-mount it all for another % gain or so, but it's good now.

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Non-fiction reading ideas for a trip? Doesn't ought to be money related, simply just well-written and fascinating. Thanks. Creature From Jekyl IslandThis Rise and Fall on the American Gives bicycles of how typiy the roles that Young aged people possess played during u . s citizens history have adjusted. new is Jesuit as well those guys are toughHopefully he's going to put a give up on abortionsYes, those were the people that told the the people which molested, you tell folks who and no an individual will believe you and we will your asses off of and excommunicate They are the actual legal muscle from molesters. Travel Companion/Dutch start treating Looking to do a - day trip to Minnesota for enjoyment and relaxation usually. Photography of Character for part two. The st or even nd weeks associated with October. U, men's, - Drivers lisences. Fresh and D& Debbie free. DUTCH-treat within this trip ok? richardr@rocketmail. com.

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Ingrdient filling Envelopes It's a longshot I am aware of but cautious legitimate work inside your home stuffing envelope gigs around? Looking for something my family can do in her spare time in your home while our is sleeping separate. Thanks much!! They're just scams Think relating to this: Companies can easily afford a hassle-free machine that can show good results for them, why would they hire you to do something that a machine they've had for can do the same principal for free? Anyone who hires you for a job like this really is scamming you, particularly there are "start-up costs" achieve you to fork out. Actually, the much bigger folding machines ordinarily are not cheap, but still most places don't employ someone from outside to stuff envelopes for them. Some charities for volunteers to try this for fundraising not to mention such. Volunteer experience is experience too - just absolutely no money. True, and additionally no matter how you consider it, you're right, basiy no money there. BASIY NO in. of the ads out there. There are only a few "at home" projects, but there are really a few. Most really are scams. For occasion, a legitimate organization here has people answering s from a smoking quit line where they do that in their homes. New people succeed early or delayed shifts and do the job their way as much days, if that's what they want. They need to make a great phone line and quiet even though they work. (i. ice. no or dogs on the background) There are generally transcriptionists and virtual assistants, too, but those careers generally require a large amount of specific experience. Hmm. That was websites written. She'd be better off advertising her services with abilities she already is wearing the local Gigs board of CL, as an illustration. Don't include your own or info furthermore there. Just list what you do and let people make contact with you by CL blind box. You'll more than likely find local flakes, likewise, but at least not the huge scamfest that goes on if she responds to Internet postings.

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INDUSTRY CRASHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG and I will be all out regarding micropenuses!!!! what happen to be micropenuses? aks jeffe, he could be the mofo expertfaz dood made the sooner good cawl I assume itWoops... false burglar. It caught itself^ Given that refund checks tend to be behind schedule March will probably be best EVERmight turn out to be some troof to this troof that issadly it's the toofdayums I reckoned it wouldn't take place until at the bare minimum April. NEED BAILOUTS MR OBOMMA - can it be now junk not to mention agencies? I just noticed Hotjobs for initially in months and it feels like % of the actual jobs are bureau listings, which as everybody knows, don't exist. You should look at service stocks Robert Half posted revenues for your th quarter which up almost %. Manpower, as well as other agencies have long been reporting similar leaps. To suggest who agency jobs never exist is clearly incorrect considering the surge of temp hiring. What agency can you work for... which you have such an a fixation with seeing how these kinds of purveyors of BALONEY are doing? , careers created of the men and women that dropped out from the workforce, how simply are they buying by? I do not know. Why don't you signify?